Natalie Toms


In 1989 I was born in Cornwall, a place of faraway fields, cascading cliff faces and sleepy shores. I spent the summers of my childhood marvelling at the tall trees and little creatures in the fields behind my grandparents' house. Burying myself deeper in the thickets of the countryside, I would build dwellings beneath trees, make drawings, hang wind-chimes from branches and collect leaves, sycamore seeds and other natural ephemera that I found on my wanderings.

In 2011 I graduated from Cornwall College with a Foundation Art and Design Diploma at Level 4: Distinction and later that year my partner and I moved to the city of Bristol, into a shared house with three of our friends. Many of my findings have travelled with me and our space is filled with wooden furniture, fabrics and feathers, leaves and flowers, shells and driftwood, reference books and sketchbooks. From here I intend to spend a couple of years developing my skills and portfolio as an illustrator, sampling the creative culture and nature reserves that Bristol has to offer, before returning to Cornwall once more.

I have an affinity for the relationships between nature and those living in it, as well as our curious human emotions, objects and imaginings; I collect them with pencil, ink and watercolour as detailed observations and memories onto paper.


  • illustration
  • pencil
  • ink
  • watercolour